Astrology Consultations

Astrology consultations require: Your birth date, time of birth, city, state and country of birth. Consultations include: a copy of your birth chart, a written report highlighting key points and a recording of the session.

  • Online Meeting: Receive a GotoMeeting recording
  • In person: receive an MP3 recording
  • Don’t have time to meet? You’ll receive an MP3 session, chart and written report for email or standard mail per your request.

The birth chart is a soul map to your unique and divine destiny. Birth or natal information is based on the location of the stars and signs at the exact time of your birth. This consultation empowers you by identifying unique characteristics, emotional influences and behavior tendencies in the physical and spiritual realms. Highly recommended to know yourself.  $180.00

Planetary Cycle and Transit Reading.The planetary cycle is a forecasting system based on the Moon's Nakshatra at time of birth. The planetary cycle strongly influences the quality of our life. Planetary transits moving over natal positions trigger events in our lives. Analysis of planetary cycle and transits help to identify and navigate life changes and challenges. $125.00

Relationship Compatibility - Synastry includes comparing two charts for any type of relationship. An analysis of attraction, core values, emotional fulfillment, temperament and longevity. This consultation is good for love and marriage as well as nurturing parent and teen relationships.  $180.00  Add additional charts for $25 per chart. 

Single Questions - This consultation is for quick single questions. These are not recorded, but you will receive a quick follow up email highlighting the discussion point response. $45.00

Yearly Forecast - Annual.  A forecast for the year starting on your birthday. This is based on planetary progressions and transits. Identify the focus for the year, psychological conditions, and prepare for potential challenges. $225.00

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Angela Pennington

Vedic Astrology Services are provided by Angela Pennington.  Read about her here.