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Psychic Development - Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is a psychic discipline that uses the unconscious mind to gain information about remote targets.  

January 15, 2019$325.00SIGN UP

Reiki Level 2 - Refresher

Renew your Reiki channel and start the energy flowing again with a refresher attunement.  
February 5, 2019$75.00SIGN UP

Reiki Level 3 - Refresher

Become the Reiki Master you want to be and open up a new perspective on healing.

February 21, 2019$95.00SIGN UP

Reiki Master Training Program - Level 1

Level 1 is the beginning of an apprentice service.  Level 1 will be completed in 4 (2-hour) classes. Learn More

March 5, 2019$200.00SIGN UP

Reiki Master Training Program - Level 2

Level 2 provides the opportunity to build a deeper understanding of the energy healing process.  Level 2 will be completed in 8 (2-hour) classes.  Learn More

April 2, 2019$360.00SIGN UP

Reiki Master Training Program - Level 3

Level 3 is the last step on your journey toward becoming a Reiki Master. At the end of 8 (2-hour) classes you will receive your Master attunement. Learn More

May 7, 2019$500.00SIGN UP