Johanna Eby

Johanna Eby is a subcontractor Practitioner at 3 Silver Broomsticks.  Her specialties include Custom Massage Therapy, Reflexology and Runic Divination.

Johanna Eby studied at the Brenneke School of Massage and the Cortiva Institute of Seattle, graduating in 2009. She worked in spas and in physical therapy clinics before launching her own business, Birch Grove Massage. Her current practice focuses on Swedish Massage (also known as Classic Massage Technique) for its ability to relieve chronic pain, anxiety, and stress. She also offers Reflexology sessions and specializes in hand and foot injury treatment. After practicing professionally for close to ten years, she is still amazed every day by the power of therapeutic touch to improve quality of life and promote healing. She loves to attend continuing education classes and workshops, and in her spare time enjoys studying dance and hiking in the beautiful Northwest.