Primus Activation Healing

Primus Activation Healing Technique-TM (PAHT) is a multifaceted energy healing and consciousness development technique that is extremely powerful.

PAHT can be used as:

  • A hands-on energy healing technique to promote physical well-being and healing
  • A distance healing technique that can be used to send healing anywhere on the planet
  • An Earth healing practice to stabilize and raise the vibrations of the planet
  • A personal (or group) spiritual evolution
  • An activation tool for humanities physical & spiritual evolution

PAHT is based on a series of meditative and hands-on techniques that causes the electromagnetic field of the body (the aura) to resonate with specific energy frequencies that create measurable physical effects & powerful spiritual awakening.

All light is electromagnetic energy.  The electromagnetic field of the body includes the aura, the chakra system, and the electromagnetic impulses of the brain and heart.  Utilizing these sources of electromagnetic energy, we can affect the way the body heals, develops and evolves. 

In addition to light energy, PAHT is based on the mechanism that underlies all vibratory healing—the physical law of resonance.  Resonance is a law of physics that describes how all energy interacts.  (—including the light energies of the electromagnetic spectrum.)     

Possible effects of a Primus Activation Healing session may include:

  • Enhanced sense of well-being
  • Improved communications and relationships
  • Addiction and habit control and healing
  • Enhanced intuitive and psychic abilities
  • Emotional balance and less occurrence of stress related emotional difficulty
  • A greater sense of creativity and confidence
  • An increased sense of personal power to overcome obstacles and make meaningful changes in one’s life
  • An increased interest in spiritual development and connection to a greater power

Primus Activation Services are provided by Shirley Whitman.  Read about her here.

  • All services require payment at time of booking.
  • Make Appointments in person or by phone at (206) 241-3902