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Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki is a Japanese word that is generally thought to mean “life-force energy.” The term refers to a form of healing that involves improving the flow of Ki (or chi) through the body by holding the hands on or above the body. A 3 Silver Broomsticks, our fully trained and attuned Reiki Master, Stephanie Davisson, can assist you to improve the flow of Ki to encourage tranquility, induce a relaxed state, reduce pain and accelerate emotional and spiritual healing.  In some cases, Reiki can be used to produce these effects through time and space.

Benefits of Reiki

  • Relieves or decreases physical pain
  • Calms the mind and emotions
  • Reduces and releases anxiety, stress and depression
  • Supports healing after surgery
  • Reduces nausea, fatigue and discomforts from chemo and radiation therapies
  • Assists with the dying process
  • Helps during withdrawal form smoking and substance abuse

Half Session $55.00 (between 20 to 30 minutes)

Full Session $90.00 (between 45 to 60 minutes)

Please note suggested sessions times for each type of service listed below.

Relaxation Reiki session is ideal after a hard week of work or to put yourself into a space where healing is possible. Reiki brings about a fully relaxed state as the healing energy used is neither forced nor aggressive.  This an ideal accompaniment to conventional medicine or when you need to unwind and de-stress. Relaxation Reiki sessions are intended to calm the nervous system, reduce emotional and physical stress and promote peace. A half session is ideal for simple relaxation.  Monthly maintenance programs also available.

Past Life Integration using Reiki allows the practitioner to assist you to access the Akashic Record to identify, heal past life trauma and integrate past life lessons into current incarnation. To completely alleviate trauma and fully integrate past life lesson, clients should be prepared for multiple sessions.

Aura Clearing session clears the results that physical, emotional and spiritual blockages, imbalances and illnesses often manifest in the Aura. Damage to the Aura can sometime take weeks or even months to become apparent through health or personality change.  Using Reiki during an Aura Clearing session we bring the physical and emotional bodies in harmony, resulting in a stronger Aura.  A half session is suggested.  Add an Aura Photography Consultation session for greater clarity. 

Chakra Balancing with Reiki to clear blockages and restore stability. The Chakra, energy centers, are vital to the health and vitality of the physical as well as spiritual body. When they are in balance we feel good and healthy. When they are out of balance we feel fatigued, depleted and stressed.  A full session is suggested.