Remote Viewing

Developed by the military and intelligence agencies, Remote Viewing is a psychic discipline that uses the unconscious mind to gain information about remote targets.  These target may be people, places, things, or events in the past, present, or future. This class will teach you how to access those targets to gain detailed information and how to present that information in well-thought out and detailed manner.

Remote viewing is taught in 5 stages.  Each stage must be mastered before moving to the next.  This allows remote viewers to develop the skills necessary to access any kind of information, any time and from anywhere.  $150.00 for this class series.  Classes not available individually.

Stage 1 - Major Gestalt  In Stage 1 the RVT (remote viewing trainee) provides quick responses to reading geographic coordinates.

Stage 2 - Sensory Contact  In Stage 2 the RVT will began to notice sensory perceptions: smells, sounds, tastes, textures, temperature, energies.

Stage 3 - Data Collection  In Stage 3 the RVT will begin to add depth and context to their perceptions.

Stage 4 - General Sketch  In Stage 4 the RVT will combine all elements of the information received in previous stages into a detailed sketch of the target.

Stage 5 - RV Summary  In Stage 5 the RVT will combine all elements of information received in Stages 1-4 in a cohesive manner adding descriptions, emotive responses and analytical conclusions.

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