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Tarot Course

Tarot is a powerful journey of self discovery. By learning Tarot, we avoid pitfalls, draw on personal strength and make more effective choices.   A deep subject, Tarot can feel overwhelming. We'll circumvent these feelings by taking a step by step approach. We begin with numerology and the elements. Discuss classic imagery, journey through the majors, minors, learn standard layouts and how to customize layouts. More than book learning, each class will involve practical application, which will take us into discussions on the ethics of professional consulting and reading for ourselves, friends and family.

Whether you are a beginner or an amateur wanting to take your skills to the next level, you'll draw important information and technique from this course. 

Supplies: You will need a tarot deck, pad of paper, pen and positive attitude.  Not sure which deck is right for you, visit our in-store Tarot section. We offer a wide selection of five star rated tarot and oracle decks at low prices.

Watch for this class in the Spring 2019.  Contact us for dates and prices.