About The Shop

We are a Metaphysical Shop, a Community, a Magickal place! A neighborhood spot, where all are welcome & loved.

We only purchase metaphysical supplies that are ethically sourced & we only purchase from suppliers that practice ethical standards/ sourcing. 3SB has researched their suppliers as well as how crystals are sourced and what is defined as an ethical mine and who moniters these mines. 3SB has high standards when it comes to ethically sourcing new age and spiritual products and has done significant amount of research on all their products & industry standards in general. 3SB supports Fair Trade & ethical mining & will not purchase products unless they are sourced!

Aamos a nuestros clientes Latinos y estamos comprometidos a aumentar nuestros libros y otras cosas en Espanol.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow our Community, our Shop, our Services & Events. We get new inventory every week and if you let us know what you want, we will get it. Informational posters & cards are posted throughout the Shop & Shara & Liz are always up for interesting conversations.3SB has long been known for the Tarot & Oracle Deck selection, from out of print to popular decks. Crystals, Sage (many varieties), candles, Metaphysical books, supplies for Wicca, Santeria, Voo Doo & Hoo Doo, Meditation, Altar supplies.

liz woltz headshot medium 3 silver broomsticks
Liz Woltz
Owner of 3 Silver Broomsticks

About Liz Woltz

I have always, always had an interest in all things metaphysical. This has taken up such a large part of my life, I had to own a metaphysical shop 🙂 And I absolutely love it! I have the best job in the world. especially that which intersects, co-exists, influences, & holds space in our physical world that are not living beings.

A Psychic Reading will shift energy of the Client in the direction that most serves for the highest & greatest good of the Client & the highest & greatest good for all. A reading offers a subtle yet powerful alignment shift, leaving the Client feeling refreshed, lighter, & clearer. Many clients enjoy a yearly reading around their birthday or beginning of new year for predictive future, for clarity in goals to accomplish for the year, for actions, thoughts, & energies that both need to be brought in & releases/ let go of for greatest outcome for year. A psychic reading is perfect if feeling ‘stuck’, heavy, uninspired, & unsure of next step. Psychic readings are healing and can be focused on a healing energetic alignment – Spiritually & Physically.

A Medium Reading can help shift the heavy weight of grief if connecting with someone who’s passing left a deep scar. A Medium reading can offer tremendous healing, especially in cases of traumatic death. We don’t do death well in the US and death is compartmentalized and almost never spoken or thought about so when a death happens, it can be double traumatic – a trauma from the death & a trauma from the reactions of community/ culture – we can have no where to turn. The truth is death is as a part of life just like birth is. In fact, there are correlations between birth and death in almost every Spiritual practice. I like to take practices & ceremonies surrounding death from the Native American cultures, specifically the Duwamish & Suquamish cultures. It was Chief Seattle who said, ‘There is no Death, only different Worlds’ It is with discernment that we are able to discern the different energies – from those that are living & those that are in Spirit. For those who have experienced a life changing death of a loved one, our loved ones are around us. Just as you would not leave your loved ones if your death created a grief so strong that they needed help to put life back together, nor do our loved ones leave us. Much can be said, much can continue even when the physical life ends. A medium reading can be both tremendously healing as well as a check in, receive messages of encouragement from our passed loved ones.

Most readings are a combination of Tarot, Psychic, & Medium readings.