A Psychic Medium reading or Astrology reading is always a very catered and personal experience. Focus is on you, your energy, your connections, and the energy around you. A Psychic reading offers messages, insight & direction, and energy healing. A Psychic reading can be transformational and cathartic. I believe you, I support you, and there are always many, many layers to every situation. A Psychic reading can re-align you with the very best version of your life!

$125 per hour reading or

$400 for 5 readings

  • 1 Hour Reading (Astrology, Tarot, Psychic, or Medium) – $125
  • 4 Readings Pack – $400
  • Gallery or Group Services

 There is nothing more fun than (pick one or more)

 — A Bridal Shower Astrology Partner Chart Reading and Wine Night! 

— A Tarot Corp Event – nothing breaks the ice more & focus is on FUN!

— Graduation Party Reading Event, Friends Night Out, Holiday or Family Reunion Event!

  • 2 Hour Gallery Reading within Seattle area – $400

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About The Medium

Liz Woltz is a professional Psychic, teacher, writer, and speaker.

Liz Woltz
Owner of 3 Silver Broomsticks

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