Astrology and Wine Tasting - Synastry Charts - examining how 2 people line up

April 15, 2023

A Synastry Chart is a chart that literally lays one person's natal chart inside another person's natal chart so we can see where the planets line up.

Did you know that if the planet Venus on one person's chart lines up with the planet Mars on another person's chart that reveals sexual chemistry between the two people? If the planet Saturn on one person's chart lines up with the Sun of another person's chart this reveals a parent child aspect to the relationship where one person sets the rules. How our planets match up with another person reveals alot!

Explore some new and interesting wines from a local wine shop and learn some new and interesting aspects to any relationship you have. This is a fun and informative meeting, perfect for the beginner to intermediate astrologer.

3 Silver Broomsticks
203 SW 153rd ST
Burien, WA 98166
United States
(206) 695-2088

Posted by Liz Woltz

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