Fertility Spell Jar

Fertility Spell Jar to bring forth fertility by invoking all Divine Feminine energies.



Handmade Spell Jar


Fertility Spell Jar to bring forth fertility, Divine Feminine energy, mother energy.

A Spell Jar is an extension of the Spell. At 3 Silver Broomsticks we hand make our spell jars and we are experienced with a strong Magickal practice. Spell Jars are charged and ready to bring the Magick on!!

We hand grow & hand select the majority of our spell ingredients. We grow a Magickal garden that is pruned and ritualized for the highest Magickal outcome. The Spell Jars are made with consideration to the current astrological alignment.

Simply the place the spell jar in your home, office, work, car, or even wear the spell jar. The spell is working, the energy is there.