Protection ~ Herbal Magic Reiki Energy Charged Candle


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Protection ~ Herbal Magic Reiki Energy Charged Candle

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~ Comes with Affirmation card ~

Imbued with energy through the art of Reiki, this herbal votive candle is specifically intended to aid you in protection. The gentle essence of Frankincense and Sandalwood, blend with the bold freshness of Rosemary and Clove, releasing luxurious, enchanting aromas of pure essential oils.

Herbal Magic Reiki Energy Charged Votive Candles are ideal for ~

Meditation, Reiki, massage, healing, relaxation, aromatherapy, clearing, cleansing, protection, balancing, uplifting, inviting flow, remove negative energy and bring in positivity.

Use in times needed to focus and give energy to an area in your life that feels empty or low, whether it be spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, a space, environment or place, each of the charged candles has been designed with a specific intention.

Crystal Journey Candles      *      Candles Sold Singly     *      size: 2 inch votive


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