Protection Spell Jar


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Protection Spell Jar

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These Protection spell jars have been created with the very thought of protection in mind. These jars are created with encompassing security and immunity energies and materials that will generate stability and resistance in your surrounding environment. Whether you’re looking for physical, emotional, or spiritual protection these jars are right for you.

Filled with the following brew of hand crushed crystals and herbs:

*Black Tourmaline
*Black Onyx

When all these energies are combined, they produce an aura of protection that permeates throughout your life from center of the jar outward. To activate each jar, hold to your heart and walk to the place where you feel most safe and secure. Once there, whisper with intent, the type of protection you wish to receive, then place the jar within your home or in a place that you frequent, or on your person so that you may readily absorb its energies.

Each jar is cleansed with incense and positive energy, to remove any negative energies that the jar may contain, so that the only energies released are those that are purposely brewed within.




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