3 Easy Ways to Turn Morning Routine into Morning Ritual

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First, there is not a big difference between Ritual and Routine, but one sounds intriguing and one sounds boring. I’ll take intriguing, please ๐Ÿ™‚ It actually takes no more time to turn ‘going through the morning routine’ into ‘performing a daily morning ritual’. Routines give us opportunities to dive deeper into the ‘living’ of life – it takes alot of work to keep us going!! By bringing in Awareness, Presence, & Intention, we shift from mundane to Magickal. Below are 3 easy ways to shift the focus while doing something you have to do everyday and create a more Magickal experience.

* Awareness – Morning, like all times of day, is a sacred time, the day lies before, unknown outcome. Morning has been honored as a sacred time by cultures, tribes, & communities across the world. Tap into that powerful Ancestral energy & bring an awareness of gratitude for this sacred time & all that it represents. Just for a moment, before you start your day, be aware of the sacred Time of morning, the time before it all begins, where infinite possibility of outcome exists.

* Presence – Morning is a great time to practice presence because most of us already have a set routine, in fact many people have a very set skincare routine in the morning and this routine alone would be a great place to bring in presence. Mindfulness. Fully present in the moment. ‘Full Presence’ becomes ‘Divine Presence’ with practice and a daily routine is a powerful place to practice full presence. Making lunches, showering, preparing coffee, drinking coffee, skincare routine, etc, are easy to slide into auto- pilot and let mental chatter distract us from full presence. Morning is a time when the mind’s ability to concentrate is at the highest – a perfect time to practice full presence.

* Intention – Morning, the sacred Time of New Beginnings, Infinite possibility, before it all begins. Set intention to shape the outcome of the day. Be clear with Intention(s). The Intention for a favorable job opportunity that is months away is a perfect Intention to include in the Morning Intention part of Ritual. Intention to bring Healing energy to every living being you cross paths with, an Intention to heal your knee without surgery, an Intention for a raise, a romantic partner, a friend, a new car, an Intention that all living souls have an abundant supply of clean water, safe shelter, & healthy food – are all perfect examples of perfect Intentions. Set clear Intention(s) for the day and more every morning.

It does not take time to start or incorporate a Spiritual practice. Life is a Spiritual practice. It is our job to continue to grow, especially when we start feeling stuck or in a rut. Small changes have big results. The 3 focuses of Awareness, Presence, and Intention, have a Spiritually accelerating effect and there is no better way to start the day!

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