Mindfulness, the Union of Body, Mind, Spirit

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Mindfulness, almost a loaded subject, am I right?

Mindfulness, physically linked to reduced stress & a healthier body. There are mindfulness exercises taught to patients undergoing fertility treatments & cancer treatments. Mindfulness eating is a method with the ultimate goal of losing weight, through practicing mindfulness. A less stressed body heals better & responds to treatment better. As mindfulness is practiced more and becomes more of a habit, the body’s natural resting point becomes that of a relaxed, non- triggered, unstressed body, the best place to maintain a healthy physical state. And how does that trickle down to everyday life? What does that mean to me? Blood pressure is lowered, healthy weight, smoking & alcohol & other addictions are easier to maintain & lessen. Mindfulness also reduces & stimulates growth in brain related issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury, Autism, and other related challenges that lead right into the next section. The mind. The middle ground between body and Spirit, between Heaven & Earth. Mindfulness, so appropriately named after the mind, where it all begins, the mental discipline of the mind to practice mindfulness, uniting body, mind & Spirit.

Mindfulness allows for the awareness of the infinite possibilities of each moment.

3 Easy Peasy Way to Increase Mindfulness Every day!!!! That are super quick and can be done anywhere, any time.

1. 3 Slow, Long Deep Breaths, 3 Times A Day – Notice the pause in between inhale & exhale.

2. Slow Down Time by focusing on exactly what is in front of you now. No emotion or feeling from what you were just thinking about. Simply observe what is in front of you (what action you are doing like the dishes or driving or sitting on the couch), full attention, full focus on what is happening right now, no emotion, no feeling, only focus. Hold this for 3 minutes.

3. Body Scan – bring focus to each body part starting from the feet – ankles – calves – knees – thighs – & on up to top of head. As you scan bring relaxation to that part. You will notice muscle tension or clenched muscles – bring relaxation to that part and feel the muscles loosen and relax.

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