Monthly Portals – Opportunities for Accelerated Growth


First, what is a Portal? Almost sounds a little like science fiction & the image of the Star Trek’s light beam of transportation, the ‘Beam me up Scotty’ image, comes to mind. And maybe that image is not so far off, but instead of physically transporting our bodies, we energetically shifted our mindset, Monthly Portals – Opportunities for Accelerated Growth our thought frequency. Portals allow a jump start, a short cut, an accelerated pathway to a higher way of thinking & acting in a shorter period of time. We simply need to take the time to tune in & open up.

But, wait, first, what is a Portal? Are all Portals safe and good? A Portal is a wormhole, a direct link, a direct pathway between 2 points accessing thru point zero field, transcending the time/ space conundrum. Portals can be physical locations, portals can be opened & closed up on purpose or portals can open & close up on their own. Some portals are not safe & good, but they are usually easy to avoid. The Portals I am focusing on now, are the portals that are available every month. They are the Earth energy portals created by astrological alignments, and the numerical/ astrological alignments. The Full Moon & the New Moon give us astrological portals & the same day/ month date gives us as astrological/ numeric portal. These portals have an intentional direction – New Moons to start or re-energize, Full Moons to let go or release what holds us back, & the sign of the moon shades the quality or detail of action – i.e. Libra moons bring forth partnership, romance, marriage, focus on kidneys, social justice, legal matters/ law, fairness, justice, balance. A New Moon in Libra is an excellent time to begin a winning strategy for an upcoming Court Case and the New Moon Portal would be an excellent time to re-align & re-calibrate your inner vibration with a successful court case outcome. A Full Moon in Libra is an excellent time to let go & release all habits and patterns that interfere with a happy marriage or that interfere with perfect health for kidneys. These are just a few of many perfect examples for harnessing the Moon energy.

When a Portal is available and open, energy is heightened. Earth energetic portals are usually felt but not recognized. Earth portals’ influence can be felt in any number of ways, usually in the ways we most feel outside influence, such as anxiety, restlessness, hard to focus, irritation, extra energy, invigoration, inspiration, & more. These energetic portals are available to us and with a little focus, are a powerful opportunity for growth. Simply acknowledge the Portal- a time of heighted energetic transmission, & meditate. Open up to the acceleration of growth, the re-calibration & re-calculation to a Higher Vibrational Frequency. With patience, practice, & consistency, this practice has a transformative effect on our lives. Energetic Earth Portals allow a natural, organic, seamless, & nearly effortless transition to a higher version of ourselves!


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